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Section 2: Tell your story in a summary or small increments

My love for my career

Share your passion and tell them why you do the things you do. You should always have a “why” to your story.

Critical Thinking

Let your customers know, your thought process.


Give an example of options to choose.


Create links of forms for your clients to download


Talk about the things you specialize in

Cut the FAT!

Some business owners like to get to the point, without beating around the bush. This is the perfect tool.

Section 3: Share your working examples

Do Your Clients Have Any Questions?

Section 4 is all about providing further info to help customers understand your service / product.

Can I pay by Cheque?

We do allow customers to pay by cheque if they have provided a letter of credit.

Can I change my order after it was placed?

Once your order has not been shipped, you can phone us to make any changes.

Do you offer warranty?

We offer a 1-Year limited warranty on all of our products.

Do you have insurance?

All of our services are covered by liability insurance up to and including US $100,000.00

Can I try before I buy?

We have samples of all of our products for you to sample.

Does the one page site have a contract?

Yes. All of our single page websites require a minimum contract of 6 months.

Having a footer with all contact information is one of the most attractive parts to any website.

We can list  Phone numbers, email addresses, and physical locations.

01 Harbor Dr, George Town
Grand Cayman, CI

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